Areas of Expertise


With twenty-six years of experience in law enforcement and three years as Executive Director of the Veterans Outreach Center, I have collaborated with state, county, local law enforcement and private organizations to better serve, protect, and defend our community.

Enforcement of the Law

In-depth understanding of the actions, demands, processes, challenges, and opportunities required to build and to maintain an optimized law enforcement organization that provides for its constituents and its employees

Turnaround Leadership

Skilled at change, management, continuous improvement, and actions that drive measurable results, as demonstrated in my improvements to under-performing and challenged teams, processes, and organizations


Astute in the day-to-day management of complex operations including cross- functional collaboration, improvement initiatives, budget challenges, and constituent priorities

Strategic Leadership

Proven ability to instill shared and enthusiastic commitment to organizational goals, constituent expectations, and change 

Quality Assurance, Improvement, and Control

Experienced design, development, and implementation of effective structures and metrics to assure goals are cost-effective, waste-free, and repeatable processes