Key Accomplishments


With twenty-two years of experience in the Army, over twenty-two years of experience with the Rochester Police Department and four years as Chief of Police for the Greece Police Department, I feel my experience working with state, county and local law enforcement agencies uniquely positions me to be your next Sheriff in Monroe County.

Culture Change

Recruited to reorganize and revitalize the Greece Police Department and restore credibility, confidence, and capability to the organization riddled with scandal and erosion of trust

Strategic and Tactical Planning

Partnered with community groups, police officers, and county officials to develop crime fighting strategies and plans to target and re-mediate serious crime

Police Officer Training and Development

Developed, implemented, and delivered training curricula and programs for multi-county law enforcement agencies, aimed at patrol tactics, active shooter response, progressive leadership, and leadership for investigations

Community Engagement and Collaboration

Engaged representatives from multiple disciplines and communities to better understand constituent issues, priorities, and concerns pertinent to law enforcement, and the development of strategies and plans focused on the needs and recommendations of community members

Innovation and Renewal

Conducted multiple studies, discussions, and brain storming sessions focused on the use of less lethal tools. Introduced Taser technology, safe training ammunition, and tail stabilized bean bag rounds. These tools provide safer training and enforcement environments for officers and offenders